out now: Surge & Subside – a compilation to help the victims of the flood in Queensland, Australia


Surge & Subside

Aphotic Audio


Release Date:
25th February 2011

2xCD plus bonus downloads & digitial

01. Sensory Gate – Ianus
02. Angelspit – Cold Hard Cash
03. Empty – Drift (Ginger Snap5 Remix)
04. Bound In Oblivion – Pain & Suffering
05. Psyche – The Beyond (Live – Flood Relief Edition)
06. Streak – Groovy Booty
07. Diverje – Suffer-control.org v2
08. Dismantled – Dead on Impact
09. Lucidstatic – Operating Directive
10. Mangadrive – 67 Gemini Starglider
11. NVEiN – All So Wired
12. Skrew- Universal Immolation
13. Tempest & The Diaspora – IO
14. Viral Millennium – Vomitosis
15. in-FUSED – Misplaced (iammynewt e-RAGE Mix)
16. Maximum Sexy Pigeon – Tunguska! (Water Retentive Mix)
17. P45K – Adrift
18. Assemblage 23 – Raw
19. I, Parasite – A Violence At Rest
20. Android Lust – God in the Hole
21. Soulchasm – My Facade (Empty Remix)
22. Autoclav1.1 – Waxing
23. Anhedonia – Rain
24. Motion Fused – Reflection Of Madness (Extended)
25. Angeltheory – The Wind
26. Headdreamer – Colder
27. Collide – Ocean
28. M(i)lkrun – Lard Ram
29. Dark Territory – Trista Me (Angeltheory Mantra Mix)
30. iammynewt – itHURTS
31. Flood of Rain – Grey Sky
32. Blast Radius – To Find Them Frozen
33. Sensory Gate – Purgatory (Marco Zanza Devoted Mix)
34. Empty – This Regret (Redux)
35. P45K – Before Dawn
36. Blast Radius – Sight Unseen
37. P45K – What Have I Done
38. Tempest & The Diaspora – Jasmine
39. iammynewt – Egor (Version 2.0 – Skullduggery Remix)
40. Disharmony – Evolution
41. Betty X – Shoot’em Up (Fury Road Mix)

Info :
Flood victims receive global surge of support from musicians

As the cost of recovery efforts in Queensland steadily rise, support from Australia’s diverse music community continues to pour in. Sydney-based electronic / industrial label Aphotic Audio have today released a Flood Appeal compilation, Surge & Subside as a double album.

All proceeds from the album are being donated to help those affected by the current flood crisis in Queensland. The album showcases an impressive line-up of Australian and international acts, including Angelspit, Assemblage 23, Dismantled, and Empty.

Aphotic Audio were inspired to compile the benefit album after learning first-hand of the extent of the damage across the state and the devastation felt by flood victims.

The album has attracted overwhelming support from electronic and industrial artists worldwide. Every artist featured on Surge & Subside contributed their music royaltyfree, with encouragement and compassion.

Aphotic Audio co-founder and director Daniel Brunet explains “within a week we had some of the best artists donating multiple songs for this release. I was blown away by the readiness of so many people really wanting to help out.”

The label is friend to Ken Evans of the band Tycho Brahe, whose house and studio in Brisbane was severely damaged in the floods.

The album, says Ken Evans, “speaks of the generosity of my fellow musicians. I am humbled by the line-up of artists involved, who have given their time and creativity, and I’m truly grateful to them and to the people who purchase the album.”

Surge & Subside is expected to enjoy great appreciation among fans, and generate farreaching support. Aphotic Audio aims to assist the hundreds of thousands of people attempting the unimaginable challenge of rebuilding their lives in the floodwaters’ wake.

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