out now: Apparent Symmetry – Mourn (Remixed)

Apparent Symmetry

Mourn (Remixed)

Abstrakt Reflections


Release Date:
27th December 2010

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01. S-Time Lapse (Ambient Re-edit by Furthest From The Cold)
02. Apart From This Life ([haven] Remix)
03. Sunset (Reconstructed by Synthetic Violence)
04. 30mg (Lithium Remix by Radio Salva)
05. Lamentation (Electro Mass Remix)
06. Taken Back (Access To Arasaka Remix)
07. Desert Sunrise (Reconstructed by c0ma)
08. Apart From This Life (Miktek Remix)
09. S-Time Lapse (Amictric Remix)
10. Lamentation (It Was The Sun Remix)
11. Skybending (Erissoma Remix)
12. 30mg (Dissected by eOnic)
13. Looking Through (Tapage Remix)
14. Sunset (Remixed by SE)
15. Taken Back (Undermathic Version)
16. Desert Sunrise (Another Day In Hell Remix by Cellar Door)

Info :
Since the release of Mourn, Apparent Symmetry has been gathering remixes from prolific artists around the globe. Now, this highly anticipated remix album is completed. Featuring remixes by Access to Arasaka, Tapage, SE, c0ma, Miktek, Erissoma, Undermathic, Furthest From The Cold, Synthetic Violence, Electro Mass, It Was The Sun, Cellar Door, eOnic, Radio Salva, [haven] & Amictric.

Photography by jay-long
Artwork by theposthuman
Mastering by Abstrakt Reflections

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Apparent Symmetry
Abstrakt Reflections

One thought on “out now: Apparent Symmetry – Mourn (Remixed)”

  1. Thank you for posting this up on here!

    I know it’s impossible for anyone to enjoy this album as much as I do, but I do hope that those of you who decide to take a chance on this album are not disappointed.

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