out now: Reizstrom – Dwarfs Like Giants [self-released]


Dwarfs Like Giants

self released


Release Date:
15th October 2010

CD & digital

01. Simple Addition
02. Paralyzed
03. Killed In Action
04. Rotten Time
05. Pathetic
06. Tackle
07. The Hurting Light
08. The Plague
09. Caution, Breakable
10. Ugly City
11. Mensch Gegen Mensch
12. Glorious Days
13. Fools Are Blind
14. The Hurting Light (NTRSN Remix)
15. The Hurting Light (Defence Mechanism Remix)
16. Paralyzed (Titans Remix)
17. Tackle (LPF12 Remix)

Info :
…Now here is the second electro-strike….

REIZSTROM are back!

After their debut release last year, singer MeCha and musician Skip Intro are about to release their second album DWARFS LIKE GIANTS to prove that they can uphold or even raise their level. A lot of things happened last year, REIZSTROM could be found on several albums and compilations, including both remixes and original songs and the number of friends and fans increased continuously, so they wanted to live up to their reputation with their second piece of work.

They have remained true to their love of playful and multifaceted songs and claim the term „Synthetic Beat“ for their music because it lies somewhere between electro, synthpop and EBM. There are songs to dance to (The Hurting Light, Paralyzed, The Plague) as well as to dream to (Pathetic) and to think about (Caution, Breakable). Furthermore their good friends NTRSN, DEFENSE MECHANISM, TITANS and LPF12 have done excellent remixes for the album. It’s their stated aim to bring on delicacies that don’t taste like junk food but satisfy the sophisticated sense of taste without being forgotten in the blink of an eye.

DWARFS LIKE GIANTS will again self distributed by the band. The first 100 CD’s are limited and will be released as digipack and if you are not a nostalgic person you will be able to get the album in digital form as well. Now it’s your turn to get excited with this album and to tell the tale REIZSTROM are back to shake the scene again!


Reizstrom@myspace (sending them a message)
Amazon GER (digital)
Musicload (digital)
iTunes (digital)


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