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Project Rotten


self released


Release Date:
30th August 2010

CD & digital

01. The Freakshow
02. Buried Alive
03. Embraced By Flames
04. Left To Die
05. Lead Or Follow
06. Crucified
07. The Lust To Kill
08. Fears (Club Edit)
09. Bleed You Dry
10. Eaten From The Inside
11. Scream
12. Ravage You
13. Confessions Of A Killer (Killer Rework)

Info :
Project Rotten was founded in July 2009 as a solo project of Fredrik Croona from the band Menschdefekt. He made two tracks himself but then realized he needed someone more to complete the band.

After a switch of members the demo “Machine made flesh” saw the light of day in August 2009. Four months later in December the same year the self released EP “Bleed you dry” was released.

In 2010 Ani left the band and after discussing it the band agreed that they didn’t need anymore members, so X/209 and Fredrik remains and will continue to spread the the musical chaos across the world on their own.

With the debut album “Freakshow” complete and waiting to be unleashed , the band is more ready than ever to take the electro/industrial scene with storm.


PopOnaut (CD)
Storming The Base (CD)
DSBP Records (CD)
Amazon US (CD)
Amazon US (digital)
Amazon UK (digital)
Amazon GER (digital)
Bandcamp (digital)

Project Rotten
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