recommended debut album: Reizstrom – Zettel Am Zeh


Zettel Am Zeh



Release Date:
20th March 2009


01. And you came
02. Hello
03. Wütendes Glas
04. Deep Breath
05. 24 Hours feat. LEAETHER STRIP
06. March of the jerks
07. Dynamo
08. Forward
09. Helpless
10. Humanity Killer
11. Built on stone (A Klangstabil Corp.)
12. Second Choice
13. Strom aus
14. Forward (Spark Remix)
15. Dynamo (Stahlfrequenz Remix)
16. Hello (Planets Colliding Remix by Global Citizien)

Info :
REIZSTROM is the product of two artists who had, and still have several projects such as MENSCHLICHE ENERGIE, COLD-BIT, NOREEN and more, with which they where present on the “Goth is what you make it 7” sampler.

With their first CD “Zettel am Zeh”, the friends of harsh electronic music shall be satisfied. No matter if they are fans of FRONT 242 or NITZER EBB, or if they adore COVENANT or VNV NATION, the music always offers hard beats and a crazy and innovative sound. On tracks like “And you came”, “Second choice” or “Forward” they try to bridgeover the old school and the present. You can reminisce and whereas “Hello” or “March of the jerks” will remind you more of the presence. There is also humor (Dynamo) and reflectiveness (Hello, Deep breath) because the band does not want to be limited. The excellent remixes by SPARK, STAHLFREQUENZ and GLOBAL CITIZEN shall not be unmentioned as well as the two special songs on which we have Claus Larsen from LEATHER STRIP (24 hours) as guest vocalist and a track together with KLANGSTABIL (Built on stone) which will make the dance floor glow.

And finally it’s done, on the 20th of March 2009 their first CD “Zettel am Zeh” will be released, and it’s a limited edition. The first 100 pieces are numbered, with a sticker including to make it seductive for fans as well as for collectors. So there are a lot of interesting things about the band these days, particularly there is a report in the next issue of the GOTHIC-magazine and their cover version of “Wütendes Glas” from the NDW-cult-band GRAUZONE should make the magazines audience go crazy. Let yourself be convinced of the variety of the two guys and enter their powerful world.


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