new stuff from Mote-Evolver is coming on the 21st Sept.

Ortin Cam




Release Date:
21st September 2009

12″ & Digital download

01. Carnage
02. Carnage (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix)

Info :
“I’ve been playing Ortin’s track at big gigs for quite a while at peak times, with The Advent & Industrialyzer interpreting it its great to release these two fine pieces of work that have purpose and conviction” says Luke Slater about the next release on his Mote Evolver label. The boundary-pushing mind-set Slater brings to his own Planetary Assault Systems creations is a key characteristic of the music he selects for Mote Evolver. This release from Ortin Cam a prime example.

Being an influential player within Belgium’s evergreen techno scene, Ortin Cam’s music can best be described as rousing and straight-to-the-point. A regular contributor for leading labels such as Drumcode and Invasion, this single on Mote-Evolver represents another accolade in Cam’s upwardly mobile career.

The clue to what to expect from this record is in the title. Carnage is a highly purposeful, no-holes-barred, full force techno record. Constructed around firing snares and alternating loops of jittery and then drawn out horn snippets the overall effect is a high-octane track with a fierce rhythm and lots of tense energy.

The Advent & Industrialyzer (Kombination Research) present their combined force on the remix. The duo brings a groovier, more electronic vibe to the track; keeping the pulsing tension of the original and underpinning everything with a mechanical, hammer-like groove and multiple layers of undulating distorted acid.


“Carnage (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix)”

NEWS distribution (physical)
Beatport (digital)
ZeroInch (digital)

Ortin Cam @ myspace
Luke Slater

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